Removable Food Rotation Labels



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About the product: These restaurant food label stickers are easy to place on most flat surfaces and can be removed and re-adjusted when needed. All this is done without leaving any left over residue. This is great so bacteria does not form on pots, pans or bins used to store food. We use an eco-friendly water based ink for print on semi gloss paper for these removable food storage labels. Below, you will find categories for removable days of the week, use by, prep date, 5 day rotation and color coding day dots. Our day labels have the info in English and in Spanish. They are all brightly color coded for quick reference. You are able to write on these restaurant food label stickers using a sharpie pen or sharpie marker. Write initials, exact dates and fill in important information for your restaurant/kitchen. We also have cold temp labels if you are looking for permanent adhesive freezer storage labels.

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