Weight Loss Programme

Weight Loss Programme

Excess weight has been linked with several deadly diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer. It has also been associated with such embarrassing situations as inability to conceive, stress incontinence (urine coming out whenever you cough) and “sleeping and snoring on duty”. The World Health Organization estimates that excess weight is responsible for 3% of all deaths in African countries like Nigeria, amounting to 2.6 million deaths every year; while the Federal Road Safety Corps ranks “dozing off while driving” as one of the most common causes of road traffic accident in Nigeria.

Most of the health and social problems associated with excess weight can be resolved with the loss of just 10% of a person’s current weight, especially if the weight loss is achieved gradually with a low calories diet and increased physical activity.

The required weight loss is best achieved through a packaged Weight Loss Programme. The best Weight Loss programmes, according to experts at Mayo Clinic in the United States have the following features:

  • They do not forbid the eating of certain foods or food groups, but instead emphasize low-calories such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean protein sources, and nuts and seeds — and even an occasional sweet indulgence.
  • They recommend a balanced, but low-calories diet, to prevent deficiencies in protein, minerals and vitamins.
  • They recommend diets that are based on the local staples, and other readily available foods.
  • They recommend diets that are delicious enough for the client to want to eat the food all through his/her life, not only during the duration of the weight loss programme.
  • They recommend increased physical activity, not as the main method of achieving the weight loss, but as a means of improving the body’s metabolism to burn off the excess weight, and provide the motivational drive for success.
  • They are slow and steady, requiring the client to lose not more than 2kg a week, throughout the period of the Weight Loss Programme.

Packaged programmes: This includes qualified, experience and vetted providers of packaged Weight Loss programmes who can assist the patient to achieve the desired weight loss, using evidence-based methods.

Name of Provider: Delphi Health Check-ups and Interventions

Location of provider: Port Harcourt Mgbede – Egbema

Additional information: You can lose the desired amount of weight without beating yourself up with excessive exercise or several weeks of dry fasting. Enrol in the 12-week Weight Loss Programme of Delphi Health Check-ups and Interventions for a fun-filled, yet very effective programme in achieving rapid and permanent weight loss. Our methods are international best practices, consisting of comprehensive medical check-up, onsite and online counselling, and the intelligent use of diet, physical activity and ethical weight loss drugs.

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Service Charge: Call/WhatsApp/Email.

Self-help books for weight loss

Name of book: Ways to permanently lose weight for beauty, health and longevity

Brief description of the book: This book provides readers with the knowledge and skills, to permanently lose weight, and gain from the myriad of benefits that flows from it. The book contains several evidence-based tits bits and advices that have been found to be extremely helpful in attaining a healthy weight. They are derived from creditable international sources, but have been adapted in the book to suit the Nigerian situation. The book would surely be a useful helpmate for all those that desire to lose weight, for beauty, health and longevity.

Background of the authors: Dr.SeiyefaBrisibe, Dr. Best Ordinioha

Technical rating of the book:

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Price: Hard copy: N1, 500

Name of book: Weight Loss Motivation Secrets: The 10 Top Techniques To Lose Weight Fast

Brief description of the book: The truth is that everyone can lose the weight they want, but most people never even get started. What’s one of the biggest causes of that? Motivation of course! If you’re even just thinking about losing weight, then you need this book. Wouldn’t you like to know why you can’t stay motivated, and why “Sally” next door can? Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… The top 10 weight loss motivation secrets that you should use every day; How one small, simple change can accelerate your weight loss many times over; How to avoid diet overwhelm; The importance of not eliminating all junk foods, and how they can boost your motivation to lose weight. Much, much more!

Background of the authors: A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book

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Name of book: Weight Loss: The Ultimate Motivation Guide: Weight Loss, Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Brief description of the book: These days, losing weight and staying healthy are no longer options. They are a must! However, there are too many barriers, both external and internal, that seemingly prevent people from losing weight, and when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, you sometimes become your own worst enemy. Do you find yourself dragging your feet when it’s time to go to the gym or even just starting your workout at home? Do you find yourself resenting the limited food choices and small portions you get to consume? The contents of this book will not only get you fired up to set your fitness goals, but it will also give you the drive necessary to achieve them! With the contents of this book, your dream of a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle would no longer be out of reach.

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Name of book: 12-week Weight Loss Programme: A guide and Patient Log Book

Brief description of the book: This book provides the reader with step-by-step guide on how to change one’s lifestyle and lose the desired amount of weight within a 12 week period.

Background of the authors:

Technical rating of the book:

Customer rating of the book:

Price: Hard copy: N2, 500

Assistive products

Assistive devices

  • Fitness Trackers
  • Weighing scale
  • Running Shoes
  • Clothing for physical activity
  • Exercise Bra
  • Compression Garments for physical activity

Weight-loss Foods

  • Swallow meals:
    • Plantain flour
    • High fiber Garri
    • High fiber Instant Cassava foofoo

Weight Loss Enhancing Foods

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • High fiber snacks

Beverages for Weight Loss

  • Diet Beverages
  • Specially prepared Ingenious beverages
  • Low calories sweeteners